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i am previously known as arbi.
this is a new account because i misplaced my password. gtbear at gmail.

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by arbitrary
thursday's going pretty well. i sorted some of that pile of mail. i had lunch at the strip club, $15, then plasma +55, and i made progress on the brief. fluids did not heal the van, but it's still
driveable. i need to clean off the kitchen counter, order a bucket of bug powder, call tommy, make a better list, revise the brief.
tonight i'm going to the comedy club and i'll probably do 5 minutes.
i promised them the origin story of how i became the arbitrary aardvark.
last night i applied for a $55k a year law clerk job. i won't get it, but even applying is more than i do most years. i got it in an hour before the deadline.
i should write up a setlist in case my mind goes blank when i step onstage.
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arbitrary says:

i was late and didn't get to go up, but did some crowdwork from the stage. it's raining too hard to go shopping. the kitchen is overwhelming, i can't get started. sleep won't come for hours. but i dont know if i'll be able to get further on the brief.
posted Jul 15th ( permalink )

arbitrary says:

not stage, crowd.
posted Jul 15th ( permalink )

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