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i am previously known as arbi.
this is a new account because i misplaced my password. gtbear at gmail.

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by arbitrary
by now it's wednesday, halfway through my week off. I never made it to Denver, I'm still home. I had the runs really bad for two days, so driving 1200 miles would have been impossible.
i'm doing a little better today. still too weak to be getting much done on the car cleaning i was trying to do.
the internet went out for a few hours so i planted potatoes, watered tomatoes, took out trash, but there's still overwhelming amounts to do. i'll just make it this week's task to do a little cleaning
instead of going to work. i have a guy from reddit who might want to rent a room, but he'll get scared away if i don't clean up a bit.
the internet is back up of course, for me to be making this, so i might or might not get anything more done today. i slept through my lawyer zoom.
my plan for the day is go pay my electric bill, take a bath, wash some dishes, take out more trash, get the car at least one box cleaner.
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arbitrary says:

i washed some dishes, took out more trash, pruned the fruit trees, got the stoop one box cleaner, forgot all about the elctric bill until i looked back at this comic. i made it as far as 8:30 before having another attack of the trots. so no plasma tomorrow. tomorrow i could get my headlight repaired if i get up in time.
posted Jun 22nd, 2022 ( permalink )

arbitrary says:

i just checked and randomcomiclayoutguy and i are the only donors still posting. this site died years ago; it used to have an active community.
posted Jun 22nd, 2022 ( permalink )

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