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i am previously known as arbi.
this is a new account because i misplaced my password. gtbear at gmail.

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by arbitrary
to do: call my lawyer. sort laundry. make better list.
today, monday, my day off, i didnt get much done, but I: PO box, bank, other bank. cleaned the boxes on the front porch. made ice, took out trash, put some bleach in the trash dumpster, empied buckets
so mosquitoes don't hatch. talked to my neighbor. about to take a bath then do laundry. i got email from the lawyer for the estate, read the trust documents, let her know which document she forgot to
send. a little dumpster diving went ok, bought gas @ $4.05/gallon, $21, tested my blood pressure (too high, i won't get into my kc study), bought a covid anibody test, $10, made some coupons for the
strip club, got some $2s at the bank, maybe i'll treat myself with a visit tonight after laundry. so far my treat was an iced coffee at starbucks $3.50.
some company sent a scam letter pretending to offer $110k for my house, but they don't mean it, and used weasel words so we both know it's a scam. i will call anyway.
stuff i found: a plate 2 mugs carrot juice coffee sugar eggs. some scrap metal, although right now steel is at 5 cents a pound, not worth the trip to cash in. oh and i bought some stock, around $300.
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