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Hi, I'm arsg, all my comics suck

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Burstin' Bonanzas! Who the heck are you mister?
Mwahahahaha! I am Frank the red robot, and i have been sent by Satan himself to take you to hell! Your time has come, Saddam Hussein!
I think you got me confused with somebody else, mister! im George Bush!
Dammit! If I'm here, then where's...
The gods have chosen you, mr. bush.
I'm not Bush! Damn Americans!
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areallystupidguy says:

I like how George Bush says "Burstin' Bonanzas!" in the first panel. This is a phrase I came up with a while back and have tried to integrate into my conversations since. I never remember to do it. The rest of the strip is butt, and should be treated as such. (It should be... WIPED... off the face of the planet! Hah!)
posted Nov 25th, 2006 ( permalink )

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