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Hi, I'm arsg, all my comics suck

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holy shit, we have a pool, too? er, i mean, of course we do. fantastic, simply fantastic.
it is, isn't it? it's so easy to forget to appreciate the things we have. i'm bad about it, myself. i love how even after all these years of marriage, we're still learning from each other. hee hee!
it's true, raindrop. i really have been blessed. fortune has smiled upon me. not like that brother of mine, lluks. life's been so hard for him. but what do i care, huh? i was mom's favorite anyway.
yep, i'm sure old lluks would love to have a place like this and a babe like you. i'm sure seeing all this would make him incredibly angry. perhaps even angry enough to kill? i wonder. i wonder.
indeed! what an interesting hypothetical! i enjoy these sorts of abstract thought experiments!
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