Lupus Awareness Man And The Rest Of The Gang!

His family and friends killed by an outbreak of Lupus at a very young age, Lupus Awareness Man now fights for truth, justice, and the Lupus-free way. This place is also home to other comics, chronicling the success of the fantastic superheroes who NEVER fail in their mission of coming close to doing something helpful.

by areallystupidguy
captain superhero! there's a burning house full of orphans over there! you have to do something!
i did. i went and gave them some cowboy hats.
what the hell?
well have YOU ever seen a cowboy burn to death? i haven't. so i figured giving them cowboy hats would make them flameproof just long enough to escape.
did it work?
as far as i know they're charred cinders by now. why do you ask?

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