Ragu4u's Final Solution

Fed up with losing comic contests, repeatedly, the mighty and downtrodden Ragu4u formulates a plan to eliminate the competition for good!

by atomiclunch
Ah em dah Toominatuh and ah wish to see RahndumCahmekLayoutGye. He is slated for tyurminashun. Is he heah, please?
Yeah sure, he's in the back room watering down the water that he tries to pass as "beer" here.
Affirmative. Now get owlt!
Fuck you, AhssHowuhle!
To be continued?
RahGooFourYoo, da tahget has bin tyurminated. What ahr mah orduhs?
Eeexxcellent, Pee-Tooms, next we'll pay a visit to that Beeko clown. The contests and their glory will be mine at last. HA HAHA HAHAHAHAHA!!!

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Ragu4u's Final Solution

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