The Brawl

RCLG and 'Lunch have traded quips for ages, what happens when it reaches the boiling point? Um,this. This happens.

by atomiclunch
"A rivalry years in the making!"
In this corner at 5 foot 3 and 103 lbs.! The challenger, RCLG!
You're goin' down, 'Lunch!
"Boils over into real life!"
Here, at 5-10, weighing a buck-sixty! The challenger! Atomiclunch!
Grr! He's in for SUCH a noogie!
"Live on Nickelodeon! The Banality in Burlingame!"
Wait, how can we BOTH be "The Challenger"?
Duh, because Ragu is the Champeen!

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The Brawl

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