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by barcodeking
Binny's Back
Yes, infidels, it is I, Osama bin Laden! No, I wasn't a DNA smear at the bottom of Tora Bora like you thought!
The 9/11 attacks were all your own fault for helping the Jews! We didn't hit wimpy countries like Sweden that were minding their own business.
But you have that Bush guy, misleading you, reading "My Pet Goat" and making poor innocent Muslims into martyrs by the tens of thousands.
But to show how nice we are, if you leave us alone, we'll leave you alone. Don't mess with us, we won't mess with you. Really.
So you have a choice on Tuesday: Elect the guy who won't stick his nose in other people's business, or get another four years of hell!
"I'm John Kerry and I approved this message."
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