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absurdity everywhere. scooping up a little at a time and trying to mold it into something comprehensible. wish me luck.
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by berwynsean
Do you know how fast you were going?
Is that a rhetorical question? I imagine you've got it recorded down to at least the second decimal point.
Do you at least have any idea what the posted speed limit on this stretch of road is?
My guess is that you know the answer to that better than me, and you're only asking to shame me by making me admit I was deliberately breaking the law, or that I was recklessly ignorant of it.
Now, there's no need to get snippy. I was going to let you off with a warning, but now I'm going to write you up, just to teach you a lesson about that attitude.
Yes. I can see that the passion to educate is burning inside you.
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