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by bonesoft
The codemonkey is allowed to take a friend/co-worker and a GPS along
Good think I could take you along Dinky! Would've hated to drive all the way alone. Nice of the boss to give us a GPS.
Are you sure this is a GPS, looks like an old PalmPilot with the text "You R Here" written on it!
I think that once we're down there we'll be treated as kings! Hope you have our position under control.
Hmmm the GPS still says we're here, so I'll quess we're right on track. This model must be really advanced works without batteries.
Group-pressure, false self confidence and A GPS might lead to disaster....
Are you sure this is a big interstate road? I just saw a desert squirell giving me the finger!
I'm sure, look you gotta be an idiot to get lost with a GPS. And honestly we're no idiots
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