Planet WTF 01

Cast of Recurring Characters on Planet WTF: The Kain (Creator), President Deuce, Wuglia (Like Santa), AJ Squirrel (merc for hire), AJS Company (merc team), Officer Tandynuts (good), Bizarro Officer Tandynuts (evil), Karma-saur, Mr. T. Chicken (*******), The Masses (theater seats). Other characters are misc...

by brycekain
My neighbor. You oppose my sanctions on your balls.
My balls do nothing wrong to you.
They ingest the very essence of my wrong. I do not like it. Veal free to make Spanish out of nothing. But mead obey you will do.
Is Bryce on dope?
I wish.
Just ****ing go with it.
I don't get paid enough for this ****.

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Planet WTF 01

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