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allo allo allo this is the lord god, can you 'ear? i've fire and damnation coz im good for you down there. i know i've ambassadors, like bishop, vicar, pope. we'll bind you with morality you'd best abandon any 'ope. well send you to a place of pain, coz you were born in sin, right from the start we'll build a cell, and then we'll lock you in. well send you all our judgement, condemning those who stray, well offer our forgiveness but first well make you pay!
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by c0rporeal
i am george w bush. fuck the environment. let us perpetuamate the corrupt capitalist system by ignoring a pact that could save the world.
what is this guy on? i must do something.
we could all buy solar shield-things, thus heightening the economy and eliminating the need for the ozone layer.
oh my god, what happened to this guy? he cant even talk straight! he must have been dropped as a baby...
besides, according to my scientists, the "ozone layer" is witch craft. we must stop this heresy to the pope and his mighty army of god. ill be at my ranch, hold my calls...
hey.... do me a favor and hold reaaaal still.
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