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"Honk if you support vehicular homicide." -Callisto MAIN CHARACTERS ARIEN: Main talents = angst, killing, wielding a mighty Taser 0' D00m. Comic Representation = Goat. DEL-ME: Author's romantic interest. C.R. = Tentacle. KIEKI: Author's alter ego, & female despite what her character would have you believe. Totally f'n insane. C.R. = Butch. ANDROID: Author's hentai brother. C.R. = Blue. (Blue also occasionally represents Corey, a character from Maddog's strips.) BDD: A rather eeriely obsessive admirer of Calli's. Refuses to die, no matter how often Calli attempts to kill him. C.R. = Tyler. CALLI: Author herself. C.R. = Brunette. Currently Calli is not doing much updating, due to her attempts to launch a webcomic with her artist friend DeMona. Expect a link when **** starts happening.
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by callie_chan
The Amber Demon rampages through ACen.
Ass cancer upon you all!
Damn, that's gonna leave a mark.
.....dear ****, look at this one.
Hey, nice costume. What've you got on under it?
You know, immolation's too good for you. We're going to have to think about this.
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