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by cubed
Meanwhile in Crackville...
this is odd what is this little girl doing here all alone?
You want sucky sucky, me love you long. Come on big lover, I know you like sex in low mein...
No little girl that would be wrong, first off you're only 12 years old, morally that is just wrong, plus i would never pay for sex. Just remember little girl Jesus loves you.
Come on mister, I need money, my mother, she need operation, if not, she die...
Just like the rocks in the pipe so are the Pimps of Our Lives...
Luckily Im a sick fuck, completely lacking in any sort of moral fibre at all. AAAAAHHHH, suck me you dirty whore...
*CHOKE*Reverend Thomas, please not in my *CHOKE*eye. OOOOWWWW!!! That stings roundeye*CHOKE*
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