Hard not to figure out what these are about! Yep you guessed it about those Golden Arches with the great tasting french fries that are killing us! And if your wondering I am a recovering MCDONALDS addict.

by daddydoright
Hey is it me or have you noticed these multi-giant corporations ad campaigns are gettin just a little to 'hip' for their own good.
Ha! Now that you mention it. Yah!
I just heard a McDonalds's add where a stalker buys a morning coffee, falls in love with the cashier...
(smiles and finishes for him) "..and his friend says something like "she does it for everyone", in a sarcastic voice like she's a ****!"
(excited) "...and then the stalker says, "Don't talk about the woman I love like that!" Like he's gonna kick his ass over some chick that he doesn't even know her name."
"Is that marketing genius or what? Pretty much says "Fuck our young ho's!." Don't cha think? I'm going to McDonald's!(singing) ba-da-bumb-bah-ha! She'll be lovin it!"

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