Hard not to figure out what these are about! Yep you guessed it about those Golden Arches with the great tasting french fries that are killing us! And if your wondering I am a recovering MCDONALDS addict.

by daddydoright
Hi Doc. Thanks for meeting with me.
No problem, no problem. I'm sorry there wasn't more we couldn't do for your father but as you know his arteries were hopelessly blocked by all the fast food he ate.
(sad) Yes Doctor I realize that. But that's not why I came here today to talk to you about. I'm just wish I could of been here when he passed. Did he have any last words?
Yes he did?
What were they?
Well he looked up at me all of sudden, fully alert as can be. He said " Hey Doc, you know all that **** their always telling you in the news about don't eat this, don't eat that? Well... their Right!"

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