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These comics in one way or another pertain to music. Some just use the title from a song. Some are original songs. Some use existing songs and try to make a comic roughly based on the song. Some I know are a stretch being in this set like the record store comics but to me these all in someway pertain to music or songs.

by daddydoright
Singing on stage
Come as you were, as a friend, as I want you to be. Hurry up don't be late, the choice is yours..."
"Boy was I ****ed up when I wrote these lyrics! I can't beleive I have to keep singing these songs all around the world, performing as a living freakshow, exposing all my problems for everyone to see"
"..memories, yahh! Memories! Yahhh!"
"Wow! That Kurt Kobain was really cool! His lyrics are so awesome and he looks cool too!"

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