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by dasgutt
Em looks for an apartment...
it's a steal. a real steal. honestly. you can't go wrong with this. you'd be insane not to jump on this.
$1500 for this? I guess I'm insane then...
Um, this is $1750 plus your broker's fee? Where's the bathroom?
Is amazing apartment. You want bathroom too? You want kitchen with full size fridge in good area for under $30000 and you expect bathroom too? You must be joking. Really.
Em realizes that she might be considered "too picky" to find an apartment she can afford in New York.
Look, I just don't feel comfortable here. I'm going home. Forget it.
Lemme tell you. In ten, fifteen years, this place is exploding. And you're getting in when it's cheap. It'll be better than SoHo, Williamsburg, TriBeca. People'll be dying to get a place here.
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