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Nuke All The Gay Whales!
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by dreamghost
Anil Dash on the Blue
Standardized movie ticket pricing. Why must we pay the same price for an Uwe Boll movie and a Martin Scorsese film? Economic professor Tyler Cowen explores the reasons that movies...
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Anil Dash on the Grey
Engadget, Memepool, and Boing Boing, respectively. These are not minor blogs. Boing Boing got 3 million hits yesterday. I already saw this stuff on the blogs and on delicious; can we stick to fresh...
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Anil Dash on the Green
On eBay sometimes they list products as extremely cheap because you are paying for "information" to get free products (e.g. a laptop or ipod for 5 cents). Are these things ever legit?
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