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Don't mind me, I'm both a sad bastard and a random person as well. So comedy, whilst my preferred medium, is not necesarilly something I'm going to do sensibly. Whereas most comics on this websites tend to be serials only if marked so, I'm trying to make a comic strip much as you would find in a newspaper section, or website, or what have you: regular chartacters making bad jokes in poor plots. Thusly, if the latest one doesn't make sense, at least the last few will not make sense FOR THE SAME REASON. :-) Heh, I've only been here for one day before some poor sod decided he liked my comics enough to put me on his favouries. I rock SO much. :-) My ego is open to all praise and abuse, so do mail me about the low quality of my comic strip.
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by duxcolonel
You know, Countess, apparently British industry still has far inferior virus protection than it's
Hmm, reckon it could be time for us to do our old "script kiddie" fun, eh? For old times sake.
Don't be silly, Jenny. I'm a board member of the Glasgow University's Queen Margaret Union and a member of Dumbartonshire's Jury Pool. I...
couldn't possibly act in such a blatantly illegal fashion. Of course not. You're made of sterner stuff.
Don't take it personally, but it gets her to do that thing with her eyelashes.
I say, old chap, my entire inventory of top hats, bowler hats and other head accessories has been replaced with an MP3 by some chap called "Shaggy"
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