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Hey all my fellow comicees, alot of my comics are based upon true events and have inside jokes, so don't feel left out, k? Hope they at least make ya giggle!! Toodles!
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by ela_nichole
Barhopping and mingling
Yeah, that fish that I caught was so frickin huge that it hardly fit in our boat.
That's nothing! One time I caught a giant dinosaur using just my belt buckle and dental floss!
Uh...ok.... if ya say so.....Yeah, I'ld like to see this alleged 'dinosaur'.
But he was so afraid of me that he took off and I haven't seen him since.
The following week, on a deserted island...
WHOA!!!!! There really WAS a dinosaur!
Did Joey send you? Where is he? I have to hide from my family, they will give me so much hell for letting a dumbass catch me with dental floss!
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