The Emo Pirates

The Emo Pirates were (are?) minor meme at Stripcreator. I guess they sail the seas and try to steal emo music from people? That doesn't sound like it would work. But it does sound funny.

by evil_d
Emo Pirate Captain, sir, remember that scurvy scoundrel who you let go free because you said you were "too depressed to keel-haul him today"?
Well, it seems he's killed the ship's cook, ****d the kitchen wench, stolen some of our treasure, and made off in our lifeboat.
Yarr. 'Tis the third time this month.
So, um, what are your orders, sir?
Ye can do what ye like, matey. I'm goin' ta me cabin ta write a song about it.

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The Emo Pirates

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