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I'm Felion. I am a grrl. Ooh big suprise, not. I like making comics, and occasionally they are funny to someone besides myself. I have a very low tolerance for stupidity, unless it is my own. Visit my website, if ya care too StripCreator since Jan. 2001
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by felion
Today on the LowPass Levi Show.. Animals and their Psychosis.
*ahem* yes, well. I have a confession I want to make... I've got a secret obsession with cans.. No, not aluminum ones, real cans, arses, tushies.. Ya catch my drift.. ?
I see, and how has this affected your realtionship with your wife?
There was a punchline in there somewhere...
Well, it means I've been biting asses all over town... But its part of who I am, she needs to know that I still just love her..
*Sqwak* As if! I'm not taking any more of your crap! I don't know what your problem is, but I bet it's hard to pronounce!
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