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I have won CC84, CC90, CC105, WW29, WW32, ICC22, OPC20, CC328, CC389, and CC440. I enjoy lampoon and parody. I have especially enjoyed the first 23 issues of Mad which I have as large hardcover reprints. I regularly read Sinfest, Non Sequitur, Dilbert, Pearls Before Swine, Monty (formerly Robotman), Lio, Diesel Sweeties, We the Robots, Boy on a Stick and Slither, Basic Instructions and some others. I'm also a fan of such discontinued strips as Calvin & Hobbes, The Far Side, Bloom County, Outland, Opus, Pogo, and Krazy Kat.

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by fpd
Someone has committed a crime, and that's YOU. You've stolen my heart tonight.
Those chalk lines are for my fiance, detective. Are you going to find out who killed him or not?
I'm feeling stiff for you, baby.
Could you be more crass? My boyfriend's corpse is laying right behind us.
My love for you is like diarrhea, I just can't hold it in.
You are really CREEPING me out! The LOVE of my LIFE is barely in the ground!!!
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