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I have won CC84, CC90, CC105, WW29, WW32, ICC22, OPC20, CC328, CC389, and CC440. I enjoy lampoon and parody. I have especially enjoyed the first 23 issues of Mad which I have as large hardcover reprints. I regularly read Sinfest, Non Sequitur, Dilbert, Pearls Before Swine, Monty (formerly Robotman), Lio, Diesel Sweeties, We the Robots, Boy on a Stick and Slither, Basic Instructions and some others. I'm also a fan of such discontinued strips as Calvin & Hobbes, The Far Side, Bloom County, Outland, Opus, Pogo, and Krazy Kat.

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by fpd
While out with his pal Charlie the Chatty Cat, Gus Small spots trouble afoot.
Crikey! Will you look at that? This looks like a job for ...
No, no, don't do it! Don't change into ...
Ingesting a mysterious musical fruit he discovered while exploring the bottom of the world, Gus Small transforms into ...
Methane Man!
Cease and desist your villainy, foul miscreant!
Who are you calling foul, you red cut cheese? Peeyoo!
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christopher7murphy says:

lol..The big "red cut cheese!" Excellent
posted Sep 27th, 2008 ( permalink )

themushroom says:

So just because I'm judging both contests you think...
posted Sep 27th, 2008 ( permalink )

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