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I have won CC84, CC90, CC105, WW29, WW32, ICC22, OPC20, CC328, CC389, and CC440. I enjoy lampoon and parody. I have especially enjoyed the first 23 issues of Mad which I have as large hardcover reprints. I regularly read Sinfest, Non Sequitur, Dilbert, Pearls Before Swine, Monty (formerly Robotman), Lio, Diesel Sweeties, We the Robots, Boy on a Stick and Slither, Basic Instructions and some others. I'm also a fan of such discontinued strips as Calvin & Hobbes, The Far Side, Bloom County, Outland, Opus, Pogo, and Krazy Kat.

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by fpd
Harvey Dell, cub reporter for the Timely Eclipse news blog.
Mr. President, what's the coolest thing you've ever done as President?
Showing my dad I'm better than him by kicking Saddam's butt! Uh, that's off the record, right?
Nobody knows that he is secretly National Atlas, the DC Marvel.
I stand for truth, justice, and the American way, as defined by the Bush administration!
You're truly this nation's greatest superhero, National Atlas, next to Jesus of course.
What foe will National Atlas face next?
No more war!
Why do you hate America, fiend?!
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christopher7murphy says:

great one too
posted Sep 27th, 2008 ( permalink )

themushroom says:

I said fiction. ;-)
posted Sep 27th, 2008 ( permalink )

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