The Intruders

A lampoon of the Invaders

by fpd
When the Japs invaded Pearl Harbor, Roger Stevens was so filled with patriotism, he tried to join the U.S. army.
I believe in freedom so much, I want to do what I can to fight the Japs, Nazis, and Fascists.
You're not in good enough shape to join the army, Mr. Stevens, but there is a way you can help the war effort.
You're just the sort of patriot we need for the first test of our overman serum. If it doesn't kill or incapacitate you, it will turn you into a super fighting man.
I'm so happy to do whatever I can to serve the land of the free and the home of the brave.
It worked, but Nazis bombed the lab, destroying the remaining serum. Roger Stevens became the hero American Idol.
Japs, Krauts, and Wops, beware! American Idol will stop you all!
Along with his kid sidekick, Buddy!

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The Intruders

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