scattered love

a movie for all ages

by graykane
I've an idea for a romantic comedy. This dork has no luck with women. He's too weird for them or something. I don't know, **** those *****es. Then this beautiful woman unconditionally loves him.
So this is a fantasy?
However, she never has an orgasm.
Please, tell me what to do. I want you to be happy. I'll try anything. Anything.
Oh, honey, I love you. I'm happy just being with you.
Symbolically a "dork" is a man denied of his manhood. He's not athletic. He can't get chicks. This woman restores some of his manhood but by not having an orgasm she withholds some of it from him too.
So even your fantasies have neurotic fears in them. Interesting. Continue.

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scattered love

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