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by hellomikie92
Wow, you just wanted me fired, because , you and your boss was going out?
That ******* is an idiot! He thinks we are still going out, and I didn't mean for him to fire you. Guess he saw you on camera, thats why I did what I did, because he thinks we are still dating
Didn't you tell him it was over?
Yes many times, that ******* wouldn't take no for an answer! I even wanted to quit my job here many times, but he said if I did he would put on my files, do not hire this cowboy!
Guess both boys were gay, and guess the cowboy was pretending to be straight, cause of his boss, but his boss still found out. Guess this wasn't a happy ending.
All right lets go back to my place, and watch some movies together
Damn it! My boss was looking at us this whole time, now he is going to tell my co workers I was pretending to be straight!
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