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by iamplug
Okay Steve, I have those stupid rocks you wanted me to collect. NOW will you color me in?!
Uh...no! You don't seem to understand how this works. I'm just an INKER. I don't DO color. Sure, I add shading and some definition, but NO color!
Okay. Well, I'm taking these back then. MAN! I thought we had a deal damnit!
Hey, hey, now, no need for that! Let me do some of my inking action...I think you will certainly be pleased!
AHHH, hey, you're right! I AM much happier this way! Thanks! ...MMMM, now what do you want with that uranium ore anyhow?!
Uh...nothing! Don't you worry about ANYTHING! ...Uh, hey, I gotta go! See ya later!
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