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by jiggle_jiggle
Just so you know these are all jokes, nobody is trying to game end themselves
Or are tghey, depression is a really big problem in our society, overlooked by many and noticed just when the bad happens, hope this serves as a lesson to yall
wait what this is a joke what the hell are you talkin about u lil bitch?
i`m you u freakin bitch calin me a bitch is the same as calling yourself a bitch fuck off, i`m glad that tomorrow nobody gonna remember you fck off
hey guys its me yah boy lil satan, just came here to remind you guys that suicide is not a joke, and if you are feelin sad, please just be happy and everything will be alright, or call 1-800-784-2433
Whatherver sails ur boat am i right me? Of course I am, whatherver you choose i`m gonna be there waiting to met you, kisses ya boy lil satan, AKA Skinny Penis
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