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I'm a college student from Illinois, USA, majoring in English/Literature.

My dad emailed me a link to a page that helped me get some ideas (especially tips 3, 5, and 6).

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by kane2742
How goes your reading of the major holy books?
Pretty good. I've read the Bible and Qu'ran cover to cover, and I have a Book of Mormon.
I thought I'd left it at home over Spring Break, but it turns out it was in my dorm all along.
Where was it?
Buried under my porn.
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Based on a True Story, Part 2

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kane2742 says:

This is true except that it was under my comic books, not porn. I think porn makes it funnier, though. Now I'm trying to find other free holy books (so far I've refused to pay for any).
posted May 2nd, 2008 ( permalink )

Hatrix says:

They're a lot more useful if you glue the pages together and use them to build things. They also make great kindling for fires and when in a bind, the pages can be used as toilet paper. Watch those gilded edges!
posted May 3rd, 2008 ( permalink )

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