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I'm a big fan of Far Side. I read a lot of Hustler as a kid. My comics are gonna be super weird.

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by krandall
We found this dead cat in a locked box. Apparently he's been poisoned with hydrocyanic acid. Do you have an explaination for this?
He's only dead because you observed him as being dead. If you would have left the box locked, he would have had an equal probability of being alive.
Fine! The little ****er **** on my pillow yesterday.
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christopher7murphy says:

It's only **** on the pillow if you observe it as **** on a pillow. If you had never come in the room, there would have been the equal probability of it being pudding in a cloud. :)
posted Jul 1st, 2008 ( permalink )

krandall says:

Tell that to Schrodinger.
posted Jul 1st, 2008 ( permalink )

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