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I'm a big fan of Far Side. I read a lot of Hustler as a kid. My comics are gonna be super weird.

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by krandall
So did it feel good when your boyfriend ****ed you in the ass last night, or are you still sore from the ass reaming you took in on the weekend?
Hey! Fuck you, *******! I ain't no ****in' ***! Knock it off with the jokes, or I'll kick your ****in' ass, *****! God dammit!
Don't you know that if you freak out over jokes like that, it means your secretly gay?
Alright, fine! Yes! I loved the ass-reaming I took from those seventeen gay dudes at the Flaming Rainbow night club! There! Ya happy now?
If you go along with it, it means your secretly gay too. In fact, it's a pretty big ****ing closet all around. Maybe you should just admit it already.
Maybe there's a secret reason why you're so desperate to convince me that I'm gay.
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