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I'm a big fan of Far Side. I read a lot of Hustler as a kid. My comics are gonna be super weird.

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by krandall
No offense, man, but I've been from one end of this aquarium to the other a thousand times over, and I've never seen any evidence of this so called "Master Human" you believe in.
So where does our food come from then, huh? How do you explain that?
Just because food appears every day, doesn't mean that Human exists. It's just a natural phenomenon. And you're just reading too much into it because you just want to believe. Quit deceiving yourself.
Maybe you're just denying it because you DON'T want to believe. Ever think of that?
Ok. Fine. Whatever. If you can ever show me ANY evidence of this Human existing anywhere in this aquarium, I'll believe you. I'll bow down and worship right on the spot. But it's never gonna happen.
Maybe he's just invisible! He doesn't want to be seen! You just have to have faith!
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bigworm says:

How about 'Fish Food'? Very funny whatever you call it.
posted Aug 25th, 2013 ( permalink )

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