Swatting the Barflies

I've been working as a barman for almost five years now. In this time, I've out-witted many a drunkard in much the same way that I've out-sprinted many a cripple. Yes, its all too easy to rip the piss out of people who are too inebriated to fight back, but fuck it, those 10 hour shifts do drag sometimes. This set contains the true-stories of the 'Swatting the Barflies' series, as well as a few comics based loosely on my experiences working there. It has to be said, that the main character is not always me. Plenty of my collegues are just as mean...

by lima
..and where are you going with that trolley?
I work here, i'm running this down to the skip
Are you sure?
Am i sure? No, no i'm not sure. Actually, yeah, im gonna sneak onto a train with it, go to iran, sell it for nukes, come back here and blow up the train station. How about that?
How about i hit you with this truncheon?
You win, officer

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Swatting the Barflies

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