star wars

any comic that has anything at all to do with star wars, even just the title

by mandingo
Her: Damn, Tyrone! What's that you wreak of? O' de negroid? Him: Me, sir, no Tyrone! Me, sir, Jar Jar Binks!
I love you, William.
And I, you, Clara.
Her: No, seriously, what is it with you ******s. You always smell like half rotting camel vagina, half aqua velva. Him: Me, sir, big bombast stink!
But I worry, my love. There are so many that will look upon what we share with nothing but reprehension and disgust.
It is okay, my cherished. Our one love is stronger than all the world's hate.
Right here there is an extended silence as they both keep their GODDAMNED LYING MOUTHS SHUT!
You know that guy captioning our show? I caught him in your dressing room earlier pounding it to Cheers and Jeers.
Sounds about right.

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