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I am 21. I attend the University of Rochester. I am a chemistry major. I do musical theater. I don't use this account anymore... see favorites for mikeweeney Part Deux. Don't read the first few, they're not that good. But I'm too cheap to pay for the right to remove them. HONORABLE MENTIONS: CC 168 CC 170 (x3) CC 205 CC 216 WINNER: CC 149
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by mikeweeney
>Got item "Drugs" >"You are in a small room. A girl sits huddled in the corner, crying. There are exits to the east and south." >Action?
>Give girl drugs
>"The girl gasps softly, and falls to the floor, dead." >Action?
>Put **** in mouth
"Rigor mortis has set in. The girl's jaw is clenched shut."
God dammit!
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