New Names for groups of things

My wife bought me a book of comic strips by this Irish cartoonist. He didn't really do it for me but he did have this very funny strip about groups of things which inspired me to make these. the name of the book was 'Ants carry away my thoughts as soon as I have them' or something like that.

by mmyers
A Disappointment of mothers.
You were so smart when you were younger. Why didn't you stay in school?
You should have married Karen. Now you'll be alone forever.
A Stink of hippys.
Man, I haven't bathed in weeks.
Have you tried covering it up with clove cigarettes and pachuli oil? It totally works.
A Smacking of pimps.
I said, "Bitch, you better have my Star Wars toys still in the packages."
Damn straight.

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New Names for groups of things

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