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two monkey enter the arena. only one monkey leave.
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by mrmoonpants
In the aftermath: skatrrrat6, having somehow survived immolation, went on to write a best-selling book, entitled :). It was surprisingly well-received by critics.
joe7777: dude ur book iz kewl
skatrrrat6: lol
The user girl, irate about her demise, joined an action group called Deeds of Evil by the Angry Deceased (DOEBTAD). It later collapsed due to poor leadership, and worse acronym formation.
So, uh... anybody wanna terrify the living?
Man, the living suck!
And Officer Bob, after being rejected even by an evil flesh-eating computer, went on to restore his lost self-esteem by doing your mom last night.
Twice. I had a dime.
The end.
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