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1. I am a sick individual.
2. My comix are only for those special few....
3. You know who you are, you special few....
4. Crackers are supposed to go with soup, not salad!
4. Bridges get you from A to B
5. Horses are basically made out of raw glue

and read my ****!~

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by newportlocal
I'm calling the fired department before you get out of hand
go ahead! blame the homeless man who needed to get warm a few hours ago, but never put me out....
...."I've got an out of control fire here on 33rd and Main that was lit by some homeless man....." "I'm sorry, all circuits are busy now, please try again later...."
...see.....I am going to turn into a monster......burn, burn, burn....with the anger of the homeless........
...the Moster wins....
I can't believe it, and I'm a hot line.......
see, FUCKER!
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