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This is my profile. Some of the best comix have no words. My comix usually have too many. So that means that they are not some of the best. I have nothing else to add. I hope you enjoy my comix. thank you. you kicked my dog. Friends Stack Fault PrimerAL FarFromPuking Jesse Bastage Craziest (Just because I like trying to figure out what his comics are about...) <a href="http://w
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by norielX
Eeewww...that is so gross! You've got Bitch Tits!
Oh yeah, get a load of the Camel Toe you're sporting!
Hmph! Boy Mamms, Guy Knockers!
heh, Chick Scrots...Whore Rocks...
...Man there...
I tell ya, life ain't easy for a boy named 'Sue.'
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