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by notyet100
dan asks dave about his fiance in office loo
congrats dave,heard u got engaged,.wht does your fiance do,.just hope she is woking lady??
thank dan,.ya she is is working since two yrs,..and will continue after marraige..but why u asked whether she works or not?
huh,.u dont know these days women who stay at home keep experimenting with recipes,..i feel my kitchen has turned into some lab,.but good for u cause ur fiance works,..
ohh that ways,..ya that is there,..infact when she will be back from work she will be tired to do any experiments, i guess,.our kitchen will stay like kitchen,..
after fewdays,..
dan u were right,..yesterday she prepared some brinjal..with curd,..which was hopeless,..and whni asked her she told she saw in some blog nd wanted to give a try, i understand wht u meant ,..
dave this is just starting..wait and watch what all happen next,..just like me,..u will becomeused to,..
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