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daughter with her grandmother
grandma i really liked the brinjal curry which u prepared yesterday,..why didnt u teach mom such recipes,..?
hilda knows all of my recipes,.what does she prepare at home?
daughter with her grandmother
she prepares recipes which i am sure u would be hearing for the first time,..ask her to cook today and u will understand and please i will hav the left over brinjal curry,..i just love it,..
hmm oky will ask hilda to cook today,..ya sure come willmake parantha for u...
the next day..
tilda u were right,.i dont knw what she had prepared,..but since last night i am not feeling well,..have passed motion 10 times,..can understand ur condition,..
shall i tell you a secret,thats the reason father sent mother for the holidays,..and i insisted that u cook forme
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