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tilda speaking to her cousion at her granys place,,,
Tan u r so lucky,u stay with granny and eat all farm fresh food,..i wish i could stay here forever,,i just love the fresh veggies which grany grows in the backyard,,,specially the brinjals....,
Tilda why u so depressed,..ur holidays are not over yet,,nd aunt hilda seems like a great cook,,she keepsreadin cokkin book still..infact i asked aunt hilda to teach my mom too,.
tilda speaking to her cousion at her granys place,,,
hmm poor boy,..he doesnt knw what he gonna get in his tiffin if my mom is teaching his mom,why should i bother he will understand himself,....
hey tilda,..wht u thinking,,,come lets go for icecream,..there one shop near by...
the next day tan meets his mother in kitchen
mother what did u gave today for lunch,..i couldnt make out the ingredient,..smell was so bad,..that everybody was asking me whether it was stalefood,..i asked u to take aunt hildas help ,..for cookin
Tan as i was feeling sick in the morning Hilda prepared lunch for u,..she told me she prepared cold brinjal in tomato sauce,..infact she got up early toprepare for u,wasit not good,.??
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