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I own/work on various sites, including www.owenrudge.net (my personal web site, with all sorts on it), www.tt-forums.net (The Transport Tycoon Forums), MP3Violation.com (currently at mp3violation.owenrudge.net), a comedy MP3 sharing site, www.pcfusion.co.uk (a PC gaming site) and The Melissa Zone, http://melissazone.owenrudge.net/ (a Melissa Joan Hart fan site).
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by orudge
oliciv pays a visit to the forum
So, how are we today?
w00t! w00t! i am 1337 hax0r! visit teh phpelement today!
Someone goes off-topic, so spiff intervenes...
... and then I found this banana, right, and you'll never guess what I did next...
OFF-TOPIC! *lock*
One of the many Dutch users asks for a picture of lynsey...
So lynsey, how about a pic?
No! My hair's not right!
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