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Hi. I am 17 years old and live in Austria (Europe, not Australia). My hobies are having fun with my girlfriend and friends, reading and listeninge to music (KoRn, Nirvana,...). I hope you enjoy my comics. If you like you could visit my
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by panhandler
...Bunny now recognizes his enemy.
Oops. You are the dead?Hm, so I don't think I can kill you. But I can't come with you, I am a comic, I can't move.
Hmm. That's right, wait a minute, I have to ask my boss, perhaps he knows a solution for this problem.
Some minutes later...
Hi Jesus. Where is your father?
Hi. He isn't at home. He's on earth to. I think he dressed like a little bunny to have fun in the forrest. But it is very dangerous, because as rabbit he could be killed but he doesn't hear what I say
Now the dead has an idea!
You mean, if I see a little bunny in the forrest and kill him, this is god, your fahter? And if this bunny is dead, the soul of god dies too?
Yes, that's it. But you wouldn't do that. Would you?
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