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Hi! This is my gay love story. Thanks for reading!
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by playfulguy
Slob4u: Anyone wants R/T in LA? Daddy_luvs_yngr: Any legal teens ?
Hi Adam18, I'm Tom18. It's my second time here.
OK, welcome Tom!
Slob4u: Tom, are you in LA? Daddy_luvs_yngr: Pvt, Tom?
Sorry, but I want to chat with someone around my age. Adam18, pvt?
Oh, I don't really like to pvt. I prefer to chat here in the general room.
Slob4u: Any1 phone 2 phone? My call Daddy_luvs_yngr: Any DiCaprio lookalikes?
Adam18, it's just that I have to give you a message from someone you know.
Okay. The general chat is not precisely getting interesting at this point anyway.
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