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Winner, BTC V

"Caffeine Reactor":
An Experimental Tetra-Authored Strip Series

As always, this strip is based on a True Story. Only the names, places, and events have been changed in order to protect the guilty.

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by r2_d2
For my dad's 40th birthday a few years ago, we went to a restaurant for steaks.  Naturally, my sister didn't know how to order properly.  An hour after we ordered, the waitress came back:
I'm sorry, but because you ordered your steak well-done, it won't be ready for another 45 minutes.
LOL! It's my fault for being too big an idiot to want to be able to enjoy the taste.  I'll just sate myself with the buffet until then.
Oooh!  I know what I'm having!
Back at the table:
I got pudding!
How can you have any pudding if you don't eat your meat?
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True Stories of Artie's Sister

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